Thursday, 29 March 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger.....

I have been a very bad blogger :(

Due to entering the world of work (at long last!) I haven't been a regular blogger. Oh who am I kidding, I haven't blogged AT ALL! I didn't even post about my disgust hate anger disappoinment at Gale's "Katniss, remember I..." and Peeta & Katniss' discussion on the train going back to District 12 being cut from The Hunger Games movie! (I did however love every other part of the film, especially Cinna, Haymitch & Effie!)

So from now on I'll be a more dedicated blogger/reviewer, for you all. All being a relative term I guess given that I haven't been posting and therefore only have one follower......HAI SAM!

Given that I'm currently 31 books into my reading challenge I think it's probably about time I posted my 100 Book Challenge list. That'll be going up later now that my dinner/night out plans are no more.

That's all (for now) folks!

(a very sorry and sulking blogger)


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