Friday, 8 March 2013

(Very belated) 2013 TBR Challenge

So, I'm posting this very late (we're already 1/4 of the way through the year, EEP!) but I've signed up to Evie's TBR challenge, which for me, will hopefully clear a few things off my growing TBR pile.

We all know what it's like. A new book is released - we buy it. The charity shop has a ton of great books at ridiculously cheap prices - we come home with armfuls. So it's no surprise really that we all have those books which just mount up and never actually get read.

That is the point of this challenge, to dust off those stacked up books that we never get round to.

Only books from 2012 or earlier are allowed as part of this challenge, and there are 5 levels, based on how many books you plan to read:

Level 1 1-10 - A firm handshake
Level 2 11-20 - A friendly hug
Level 3 21-30 - A sweet kiss
Level 4 31-40 - Love at first sight
Level 5 41-50 - Married with children

I've chosen to do Level 5 (I could definitely do more books than this, but I'm sticking to the rules! As I've posted this a little late, I've already gone through over a dozen of my TBR, which I will post an update of soon.

If you fancy joining in, click on the link image up top and sign up. What books are on your TBR piles.

Happy Reading!


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